I like going new places via airplane and imagination. From the moment I picked up a camera I was hooked. I've directed numerous commercials, music videos, optioned film concepts to big studios and currently have feature films in the works. I'm an adventurer through and through. Whether that involves motorcycling through the rainforest or trekking on glaciers, I'm always in. The same goes for storytelling. I'll do whatever it takes to get the right story out there. Also, I'm a nerd. Sci-fi and fantasy books forever.



It was 1993. I had just turned seven and there I was, curled up in a ball in a dark room surrounded by about 150 people in Houghton, MI. With wide eyes peeking through tiny fingers, I watched as Jeff Goldblum was eaten by a T-rex on a toilet. Jurassic Park. It was the first film I had ever seen in a theater and my mind was blown. I wondered 'who is this Steven Spielberg and how the heck did he hire a bunch of dinosaurs?' It wasn't until I was 13 that I took my first video production class. I was hooked. From there, I earned two scholarships to film school, graduated with my BA in Film & Video and worked as an editor at an international post-production studio for a decade. Editing, directing, screenwriting, photography... I just love to create and tell stories.



When I was 5 years old, I was playing with a snail in my backyard. Not knowing the effect of my actions, I tossed the snail through the gate and watched it land out of arms reach with a cracked shell. There was nothing I could do to help it and redeem myself. I cried thinking of what i had done and pledged to be a better person from that point on.

I also make films.



I grew up fascinated by great storytelling. Between books, movies, and music, I sought out anything that had the capacity to move me or transport me to places I never knew existed. After channeling my wide-eyed passion for the world and its beauty into photography and songwriting, my work eventually evolved into filmmaking, VFX, and 3D.

I have since moved to LA and had the incredible opportunity to work with some of the biggest brands, studios, and companies and travel the world while doing it. I can never say no to an adventure or a good challenge. Getting out of my comfort zone is a regular occurrence as I work to create next-level visuals and stories for the enjoyment of everyone.



Born and raised on the rough streets of Pewaukee, Wisconsin. Between the remote location and the long snowy winters, I had plenty of time to slip into my imagination.

My passion for music, illustration and photography quickly culminated into a combined love of filmmaking and cinematography. Years later, I find myself out in the wilds of Los Angeles.... still pursuing all of the above, still with the same passion I had as a kid. My career so far has taken me to about 20+ countries, and garnered an impressive client list that would probably look great on a resume. I'd make a list, but I'd rather just show you my reel.