Who We Are

Directing team, production company, creative collective, branded content studio. Call it what you will, the end results are the same. We make what we love, and love what we make. 

Aura is the combined efforts of a few passionate filmmakers coming together with one common goal: to create the stories we love the way we love to tell them. Since we believe that "the whole is better than the sum of its parts," we decided to put our collective editing, motion graphics, cinematography, producing, writing and directing skills all under one roof. 

We are based in Los Angeles, but work mostly in and around planet Earth.


I grew up devouring the stories that surrounded me, everything from movies to books and cassette tapes. This lead to the inevitability of telling my own stories. From the moment I picked up a camera I was hooked. Since completing the great migration to LA from the land of seasons I've directed numerous commercials, music videos and even had one of my short films optioned by Universal. In the meantime I've cemented my abilities in the visual effects world and made many friends along the way. I'm an adventurer through and through. Whether that involves motorcycling through the rainforest or trekking on glaciers, I'm always in. The same goes for storytelling. I'll do whatever it takes to get the right story out there.



I grew up on the rough streets of Pewaukee, Wisconsin. Between the rural location and the long winters, I had plenty of time to slip into my imagination. My passion for music, illustration and photography quickly culminated into a combined love of filmmaking and cinematography. Years later, I find myself out in the wilds of Los Angeles.... still pursuing all of the above, still with the same passion I had as a kid. My career so far has taken me to about 20+ countries, and garnered an impressive client list that would probably look great on a resume. I'd make a list, but I'd rather just show you my reel.

I'm the kind of person that likes to break the rules. Like writing bios in the first person.

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We are based in Los Angeles, CA